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  • What is Yoga?

    Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word meaning to to link together or form a union. Practicing Yoga will have an effect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of oneself.

    Anyone can practice Yoga, and people come for a whole range of reasons: e.g. to become more supple/flexible or to improve overall fitness; as a relief from a 7 Chakras Diagramspecific complaint e.g. tension or backache; some feel they need help in relaxing or to find a good night's sleep; while others feel the need to become quiet or still both physically and mentally, or are looking for a deeper understanding in their lives.

  • People often feel fragmented, disjointed, unable to connect to a wholeness or completeness within themselves. They look for balance. There is sometimes a feeling of being “pulled in many different directions” as we cope with the stresses and demands of life.

    My classes are drawn on the practices of Hatha Yoga. We explore a wide and comprehensive range of yoga postures, and within all classes there are modifications and adaptations or alternatives to suit the needs of individual students.

    Working with the breath is an integral part of every class. Using the “power” and effects of the breath will improve the physical effects of every posture as we work in harmony with the body and breath. One's breath is also one's life energy, and an awareness of the breath and subtle energies are a primary part of each class.

    A wide range of relaxation techniques are explored using a variety of different aspects to release tension, relax the body and bring a quietness to the system.

    Pranayama is taught during the class - the breathing techniques of yoga which cleanse and energy the entire system, and by effectively quietening the mind state will then lead into the practices of meditation – a stillness of mind.

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